The Falling Wedge Pattern Explained With Examples

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what is a falling wedge pattern

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Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and we’ll try to answer them all, folks. One of the key features of the falling wedge pattern is the volume, which decreases as the channel converges. Following the consolidation of the energy within the channel, the buyers are able to shift the balance to their advantage and launch the price action higher. The reversal is either bearish or bullish, depending on how the trend lines converge, what the trading volume is, and whether the wedge is falling or rising. When the price breaks the upper trend line, the security is expected to reverse and trend higher. Traders identifying bullish reversal signals would want to look for trades that benefit from the security’s rise in price.

Can the Falling Wedge Be a Bullish Pattern?

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  • A wedge pattern is considered to be a pattern which is forming at the top or bottom of the trend.
  • Open an IG demo to trial your wedge strategy with $10,000 in virtual funds.
  • We want you to see what we see and begin to spot trade setups yourself.
  • When this pattern is found in an uptrend, it is considered a reversal pattern, as the contraction of the range indicates that the uptrend is losing strength.
  • It is a very extreme bullish pattern for all instruments in any market in any trend.
  • If it’s money and wealth for material things, money to travel and build memories, or paying for your child’s education, it’s all good.

A descending triangle forms with an horizontal resistance and a descending trendline from the swing highsTraders can… The second way to trade the falling wedge is to wait for the price to trade above the trend line (broken resistance), as in the first example. Then, you should place a buy order on the retest of the trend line (broken resistance now becomes support).

It’s a challenging pattern

As this “effort” to push the stock downward increases along the lows, you’ll notice that the result of the price action is diminishing. According to Thomas Bulkowski’s research, the pullback/throwback rate for a falling wedge pattern is typically high. About 7/10 times, the price will retrace back to either the breakout point or the apex point of the pattern. This indicates that most likely the price will retest the wedge’s resistance line before continuing the movement which could affect the pattern’s performance. Traders should bear this in mind while determining their entry and exit points.

what is a falling wedge pattern

The image below breaks down the pattern to make it easier to get an overview of all the criteria you need to consider. Mean Reversion Definition Reversion to the mean, or “mean reversion,” is just another way of describing a move in stock prices back to an average. The blue arrows next to the wedges show the falling wedge pattern size of each edge and the potential of each position. The green areas on the chart show the move we catch with our positions. The red areas show the amount we are willing to cover with our stop loss order. Depending on the wedge type, the signal line is either the upper or the lower line of the pattern.


One of the biggest challenges breakout traders face, is that of false breakouts. As you might have guessed, a false breakout is when the market breaks out past a breakout level, but then reverses and goes in the opposite direction of the initial breakout. For example, if you have a rising wedge, the signal line is the lower level, which connects the bottoms of the wedge. If you have a falling wedge, the signal line is the upper level, which connects the formation’s tops.

You have the option to trade stocks instead of going the options trading route if you wish. Our watch lists and alert signals are great for your trading education and learning experience. To get confirmation of a bullish bias look for price to break the resistance trend line with a convincing breakout. To design a wedge trading strategy, you need to determine when to open your position, when to take profit and when to cut your losses.

quiz: Understanding Bat pattern

Price action then start to trade sideways in more of a consolidation pattern before reversing sharply higher. The falling wedge pattern is interpreted as both a bullish continuation and bullish reversal pattern which gives rise to some confusion in the identification of the pattern. Both scenarios contain different market conditions which must be taken into consideration.

what is a falling wedge pattern

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