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Businesses seek to move out of the high tax brackets by employing hedge strategies, such as increasing loss provisions, or increasing contributions to charity, etc. Income smoothing reduces the variability in earnings from one period to another in order to present an organization as one with stable earnings. It is meant to smoothen out periods of high income and periods of low income or periods of high spending and periods of low expenditure.

  • Users of financial statements may notice the smoothed income flow, but they need to know whether this was done on purpose or due to low volatility.
  • Income smoothing is the shifting of revenue and expenses among different reporting periods in order to present the false impression that a business has steady earnings.
  • Investors base their investment selections on a company’s profits, which indicate its potential.
  • However, there is some flexibility in GAAP and IFRS accounting policies and professional judgment that would allow some forms of income smoothing.

A business strategy a company can use when they have high profits is to increase expenses. In this case, it might increase bonuses paid out to employees or hire more workers to increase the cost of payroll. If income was expected to be lower for the year, they could employ the strategy in reverse; laying off workers or reducing bonuses to reduce expenses. These moves not only smooth out income but allow a company to operate more efficiently depending on the circumstances. The standard corporation tax rate for company income is 25%, but if there is a progressive tax system, high-revenue-generating firms might pay as much as 40% of their profits in corporate tax. A corporation may only increase its tolerance for questionable accounts with a higher bad debt charge in profitable years.

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When earnings improve, the company will boost staff spending and catch up on maintenance that had been neglected. In a year with poor earnings, the company may cut personnel, postpone maintenance projects, limit research and development, and so on. As a result, it is common for income smoothing describes the concept that a company to engage in some amount of accounting management. However, there is a thin line between using what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permits and flagrant dishonesty. Accounting strategies are used to smooth out swings in net income from one period to the next.

income smoothing describes the concept that

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Another manufacturer might increase its production when sales and profits are low in order for its income statement to report a lower amount of cost of goods sold. Income smoothing through the misuse of accounting policies, or through deception or misstatement is against professional standards and could be fraudulent. However, there is some flexibility in GAAP and IFRS accounting policies and professional judgment that would allow some forms of income smoothing.

  • This would result in a $6,000 rise in bad debt expenditure on the income statement and a $6,000 reduction in net income.
  • By managing expectations fairly and ethically, businesses that employ a touch of income smoothing do not generally raise a red flag.
  • While one company organization may use strategic techniques and legitimate accounting processes to smooth out its profits, another may use questionable or unethical ways.
  • The ability of management to report an earnings amount in each
    period greater than actual earnings.
  • Managers can use income smoothing to lower their expectations for earnings variations.

In other cases, the accounting standards are clearly being sidestepped in an illegal manner in order to engage in income smoothing. The issue of financial manipulation and accounting fraud has long been felt in the public opinion for some years, following the known financial scandals that have occurred indiscriminately throughout the Western world. There is the belief that managers engage in profit smoothing–taking actions that reduce fluctuations in firm’s reported earnings.

Income Smoothing: Definition, Legality, Process, and Example

With low sales and profits, another company may raise output to show a lower product cost on its income statement. While it may seem illogical to restrict revenue recognition in good years purposely, companies with predictable financial performance typically have cheaper borrowing costs. Postponing revenue in a strong year if the next year is projected to be tough, or deferring expenditure recognition in a bad year if profitability is predicted to improve shortly, are examples of earnings procedures. Depending on the country, companies pay a progressive corporate tax rate; meaning that the higher the income earned, the higher the taxes paid. To avoid this, companies may increase provisions set aside for losses or increase donations to charities; both of which would provide tax benefits.

It encompasses all strategies for reducing excessive expenses and increasing sales or profits. The methods range from using suitable financial reporting to using reasonable thinking. Perhaps a U.S. manufacturer using LIFO will deliberately reduce its inventory quantities in low profit years in order to liquidate the old LIFO layers containing low unit costs.

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