Scatter Symbols in Slots Free Spins & Bonus Game Guide

Landing a certain number of Scatter symbols on a single spin will launch these bonus features. In a nutshell, Scatters boost your winning chances and multiply your payouts. However, Scatters are game-specific, meaning they work differently depending on the game you’re playing. Usually, you can be european roulette free play sure of earning more prizes when the symbol appears. For example, Scatter symbol slots pay for winning combinations in games without bonus events. Wilds are symbols that have a unique function, they can be used to substitute for other gaming symbols except for Scatter in an online slot reel game.

Scatter symbols in slot games explained

Make sure you continue reading this if you are intrigued to understand more about slot site games, the scatter symbol jargon and how to integrate them within your everyday gaming. Guaranteed when you know their full potential, you will most definitely be wanting these bad boys to appear every single day, and every single second. They are a pretty huge bonus feature that can help you define okay gaming, from amazing and entertaining gaming.

The Free Spins feature begins if a player manages to catch a sunset Scatter symbol on the first, third, and fifth reel. Traditionally, you win a slot machine when three of the same symbols line up horizontally in the machine. However in Scatter Slots – Slot Machines, you earn winnings not necessarily based on aligned symbols but rather based on how many symbols show up per spin. The majority of scatter symbols pay out fixed sums and you should be able to discover one, two, three, or even more of these symbols on the reels.

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Scatter multipliers can also give you other rewards, depending on your game. Of course, the scatter does not have such high multipliers as for the most valuable characters, rewards are quite good as well. You can connect your Facebook account to Scatter Slots to not only save your progress to the cloud but also to receive bonus rewards. Your Facebook profile picture and name automatically transfer to the game. The number 7 is used in slots due to it being considered a lucky number throughout history. To know more about our writers and our ranking method you can learn more about Almost all games will have a button to click for game information.

  • The reason being is that they both correlate to the bonus features that a game has to offer you as a player.
  • In most slot games, Scatter Symbols do not need to appear on a specific payline to trigger these special features.
  • It then serves the same purpose by substituting any other standard symbol and paying out on winning combinations.
  • Make sure to read the rules of that specific game to see when scatter symbols unlock additional features.
  • Along with expanding wilds and scatter symbols, you can also get expanding multipliers on specific slot games.

There are even cases where the free spins can be retriggered and ultimately played all over again, if just one scatter comes in your reel once again. Yet, do not be surprised if your reel kind of goes into a frenzy once the scatter spins all come through within your reel – that tends to happen. The oldest slot machine symbols were diamonds, spades, hearts, a bell, and horseshoes. Bonus symbols are what I previously referred to as Feature-Trigger scatters. I’m including the bonus symbols here because many people are unaware that they’re usually just scatters that trigger a different effect, such as a bonus round. The symbol appears once the reels have stopped and disappeared once you spin the reels again. Every player should realise that betting high while playing slots helps to receive higher wins.

Wild symbols and scatters will always be confused between one another. The reason being is that they both correlate to the bonus features that a game has to offer you as a player. You should know by now what a scatter is after reading our comprehensive list, now it is time to summarise a wild just so you don’t get confused by the two. A wild symbol is something that substitutes itself within the reels of your slot game. This can therefore make a winning combination for you as it mirrors the missing symbol that you need to make a complete combination.


Learn how slot machines work to have a broader picture of these popular casino activities and their rules. Certain slot games have scatters that convert into wilds and act as substitutes for other symbols in a game. The newly-converted wilds, in turn, reduce the number of redundant symbols on the reels, making it far more likely that players will land a winning combination. Scatter symbols have a huge role within slots, as you will probably discover for yourself the more you play. However, their precise function operates according to the kind of game that you are playing overall.

All Slot Machine Symbols Explained (And How They Work)

In these circumstances, the shifting wild symbol usually moves just one spot in any direction after every spin. In contrast, the wandering wild symbol can move randomly to any place on the reels. Scatters are represented by a specific graphic unique to the overall theme of a particular slot machine. For instance, the Sphinx statue represents the scatter symbol on the Cleopatra slot, an Egyptian-themed slot released by IGT. Discover what Scatter Symbols are and what role they play in an online slot game. There are examples however, where the game will be completely fixed in terms of scatters and the free spins relationship.

What are Slot Machines and Where do They Come From?

When developing a winning strategy for slot games, it’s essential to consider the role of Scatter Symbols and how they can contribute to your success. By understanding how Scatter Symbols work and how they can impact your gameplay, you can make more informed decisions when placing your bets and increase your chances of winning big. As the slots industry grew, more and more possibilities emerged – chances to improve gameplay, expand the reel set and add more symbols. It wasn’t long before slots developers had the idea to throw in a few special symbols in there that won’t act just like regular icons. If you want to have a ball next time you play slots, check out our many slot titles at JeffBet. Now you know how valuable scatter symbols are, let’s hope they trigger something exciting for you when you next spin those reels. The usual way to trigger these symbols is by simultaneously landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels.

Of course, in order to trigger the desired results, they need to appear in the right formations according to the rules of a specific slot game. Scatter symbols, or scatters, describe a bonus symbol you can expect to find in many slots. In most new online slots games, besides other basic symbols, you can also find wild symbols and scatter symbols. While wild symbols mainly act as substitutes for other symbols, scatter symbols are known to trigger bonus features such as mini-games, bonus rounds, and free spins, for instance. The primary role of Scatter Symbols in slot games is to trigger special features and bonus rounds. These features vary between games, but they generally involve free spins, multipliers, or other unique gameplay mechanics.

A regular wild symbol may randomly appear when you spin the reels. It pays out on any combinations that might arise and disappear with the other symbols on your next spin of the reels. The beauty of playing slots at bitcoin casinos is that there are themes to suit all characters and personalities. In light of that, you will encounter many standard symbols on your gambling adventures, depending on which titles you choose to play. Millions of gamblers from across the globe flock to their favourite slot games daily to experience the thrill and exhilaration that these games provide.

Cascading Symbols

With the help of a wild symbol, players can create a winning combination and get more payouts. Now everyone can visit a circus show with a slot developed by Play’n GO called Golden Ticket. This slot machine has a 5×5 playing grid, there are no win lines, and combinations are formed when three or more same symbols land, either horizontally or vertically. The Scatter symbol is presented as a Bonus item that triggers extra bonus rounds — up to 20 Bonus Games. The Wild is a Golden Ticket sign that substitutes for other in-game symbols and creates more winning combinations.

Read on as we delve into the world of slot symbols and give you some insight into how they work. Playing slots with Scatter symbols is another level of excitement. This feature aims to unlock various cash prizes, as well as free spins, bonus games, etc.

Why Do Slot Machines Have Fruit Symbols?

Even though the vast majority of stacked symbols are wilds, as explained above, some games incorporate standard symbols with stacked features to help create paylines without incorporating wild symbols. Presently, practically all online slot games come with unique features and symbols specific to each title. You’ll find the symbol mostly in 5-reel video slots but rarely in 3-reel slots. Another exciting variant of the wild symbol is the shifting wild symbol.

It comes with all the features that you need in order to make a killing in rewards, but it also makes players lose a fair share of money whilst hunting for that major jackpot that they all want. Players should always familiarise themselves with the paytable before beginning to play slots for real money as it provides a complete breakdown of how the game works. The role of a Scatter symbol can vary from one slot to another, but the fact remains that this is the most powerful symbol in the game.

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