Direct Clothing Producing Service

Direct apparel printing provider is one of the best new developments in dresses printing. Also referred to as DTG producing, this technology is an excellent decision for businesses looking to print small quantities of custom t-shirts or hoodies. It is just a full-color option that makes it easy to produce a detailed style or brand on your tshirts. The process is faster than screen producing, and it could be more economical for single prints as well.


DTG printing is a cloth decorating approach that uses state-of-the-art changed inkjet machines. These ink jet printers have professional print heads that apply water-based ink immediately to fabrics and textiles. The inks will be absorbed by the fibers, which means your styles won’t fracture or diminish over time.

The only limitation to DTG is the fact it will only work with hundred percent cotton or natural-fiber fabric. Typically, combined fabrics will not work with this kind of printing, nevertheless, you may always check together with your printing business to see what their plans are regarding specific garments. Before this type of printing, your shirt will need to be pre-treated, a process that sprays the garment with a special answer to flatten the fibers and prepare these people for printing.

This can be a quick procedure that should usually about 24 hours to complete, thus it’s the perfect option for last-minute orders. The price for this method of printing will vary, so it’s important to find a printing company that offers bulk discounts the more you order.

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